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Hey, Are You Making These Blogging Mistakes?

via Make Money Online by Michael on 11/18/09

Confessions Of A Pro-Blogger

Hello Everyone,

These days I get a lot of credit for being a Top Blogger – but it was not always this way. Indeed it is perfectly safe to say that just about every mistake I am about to reveal in this post has been made by yours truly – and then some.

Lets take the Summer of 2006 when I started my first Blog and had the ‘bright” idea of creating my own blogging software. (Big Mistake) I mean what was I thinking! Fortunately WordPress cured me of that mistake.

Oh, and there has been many more mistakes, perhaps the biggest of which is that I am not always as FOCUSED as I should be.

The longer I am online and the more time I am in business the more I also realize that MINDSET is everything – it is so easy to get distracted in business, or be ‘busy’ doing things that don’t really get us closer to our goals.

A simple question I use when planning my day and my priorities is:

Does This Get Me Closer To My Objectives?

As bloggers we must ask ourselves this on a constant basis. I am not pretending that I am always as focused as I should be – far from it, but by asking that question, most days I end up getting a lot more done and being more productive compared to other bloggers, even if I work less hours than other bloggers who are ‘busy’.

So what are these mistakes?

Well, there is something for everyone here and I have broke them down as follows

>>>> Start Up Mistakes
>>>> Technical Mistakes
>>>> Blog Post Mistakes
>>>> Blog Promotion Mistakes
>>>> It’s All In The Mind (Mindset Mistakes)

And once you have read this post you can for alternative inspiration, head over at my other website, WebDesignDev.com and check out this list with a Naughty Title 20 Ways To Make Your Website Crap! It was a very popular post when we did it and has some valuable lessons.

Enjoy the post, let me have have your comments as always.


PS: What mistakes have you made? Let us all know in the comments.

Start Up Mistakes


Going With A FREE Blog Host – Going with a free blog host is sometimes good, but if you want your blog to be successful and fully customizable, then you really need to host your WordPress blog yourself. Grab HostGator and use their one click installer to get WordPress online in less than 30 seconds. Remember to use our coupon code to get your first month hosting for 1cent (coupon: Retireat21).

Not Thinking Ahead – You need to think ahead when blogging. Every day is a new day. Every hour is a new hour. What happens now might not be the same 2 months down the line. Thinking and planning ahead leads to success.

Choosing the Wrong blogging platform – Make sure you choose the right blog platform when you start out blogging. My recommendation would be WordPress because it has so many Plugins and is so flexible. You don’t want to get a year down the line and end up having to transfer all your posts, content etc over to another platform.

Your Domain Extension – Two big mistakes when it comes to domains, firstly in my opinion your domain should be a Dot Com. Try and avoid .Net, and .Org and Country Domains such as .co.uk (unless you only want to focus on one country) The other mistake people make is having a really long web address e.g lookatmeandmyverylongdomainname.com or worse still a domain name that doesn’t make sense and isn’t memorable.

Blogging About What – So often I come across blogs that I have no idea what they are about, they will have one post about cooking then the next about installing Windows 7. Don’t try to everything to all people – Make it clear who you are and what you offer and be the BEST at it!

Copy Cat Bloggers – Creating a blog with the intention just to copy someone else’s idea almost always does not work. So I see examples almost every day of people who copy my blog after reading through my eCourse because I share lots of insider information etc. The thing is, most of these sites fail simply because it is not something the owner knows much about, can’t provide value on and really aren’t that passionate about. If you are going to COPY – at least make it BETTER!

Don’t blog for money, blog because you want to provide value, then the money will come

Technical Mistakes


Not Using Threaded Comments – A lot of bloggers do not use threaded comments. This is a mistake because it doesn’t encourage community with in a blog. Enabling threaded comments on a blog encourages conversation and builds a community around your blog. Remember to put a max limit on how deep the thread can go. Usually 5 is a good number.

They Disable Comments – If you disable comments, tt is like buying a brand new car and purposefully not putting any fuel in it. You need to let your blog readers express their opinions about your blog and your content on posts. Plus, comments build a community and can drive more traffic from search engines to your site. Do you really want to be throwing all that away?

Displaying Low Stat Counts – A lot of new bloggers show there Feedburner and Twitter following when it’s very low. Unfortunately this often makes people think you provide little value. Its like saying to all your readers that your blog isn’t popular. I would start displaying your RSS reader count at around 500 – 1000, and your Twitter followers count at about 1500 – 2000.

Tags – So many bloggers don’t use tags in their blog posts. It brings me 90% of my search engine traffic, SO DO IT! Remember to choose the tags you use wisely. Think about what people would type into search engines.

Using Your Blog Real Estate Wisely – I personally don’t have adverts on IncomeDiary because I would prefer to use the areas for more important things such as encouraging people to subscribe to my blog and finding out more about me. But if you were to put ads on, just remember to use the space wisely. Don’t put like 50px padding on each advert. Pixels are $$$s people!

Blog Post Mistakes


Blogging Consistency – When blogging, there’s no point in writing a really good post, and then leaving it for a month. If you want your blog to be separated from the millions of other blogs and have a name for itself, you will need to blog frequently, with equal time gaps between each post.

Repeating what other bloggers are saying – So often I see a post on SmashingMagazine, then around a day later 10 other blogs have the same subject line. If you want your blog to shine and succeed, try to be unique with your post ideas and content. Yes its OK to grab inspiration every now and then from other blogs, but don’t just copy them straight out.

Apologizing for not writing for a while – It’s so annoying when people don’t write on their blog for a short period of time, and then the first paragraph of their latest post they are apologizing for not writing for a while. Personally I think, “Sorry mate, didn’t even realize you were gone.”

Blogging about too many subjects – If you cant count the subjects you blog about on two hands then there’s no point in blogging. Try to make your categories all fairly similar.

Writing about something you know nothing about – Here’s something I’m sure most of you have seen. People blogging about blogging when they never have had a blog before. This is really annoying, because most of the time they are wrong, and also they are rookies at it too. You think, do they actually know what they are talking about? Sometimes its fun to leave comments though.

Post Titles – Vital for search engines and to encourage people to look at the post. When writing a post, the title needs to interest people so they click your link in their RSS reader, on Twitter or in your emails. Also, search engines rank WordPress blog’s very well but if your title is something people aren’t searching for then there is no point using it.

Take Your Time – So many people just rush their posts, I will put my hand up and say I was guilty of this myself and still do slip up today. It’s so important to check your post over and over again to make sure it’s perfect because if you do slip up on your description, your research, your spelling, all these things can affect the success of a post.

Replying to Comments – Something I never use to do till Yan Susanto told me how important it is. Replying to your comments is great because you get a second chance to provide more value to readers and to encourage conversation and loyalty.

Writing For People, Not Google – It’s often quite hard to get a balance between the two but at the end of the day, you should be providing value to your readers and if you only write with Google in mind, then you can’t provide the value necessary.

Blog Promotion Mistakes


Commenting (Spamming) on blog posts – So many people comment blog posts for the soul reason to get traffic and search engine rankings. Google loves organic links but Google is not stupid either – and they have ways and means to SPOT people who are deliberately spamming other sites in order to gain links or “authority”. As for the traffic side of it, I have got some traffic in past from very big blogs if I was the first to comment, but really your best spending your time on something else.

Spamming comments with your link – This is annoying for all the blog owners of the blogs you comment at. Plus, it can make your blog look like spam, and you really don’t want that if you are trying to succeed. If you are going to leave your link at another persons blog, at least try and blend it in, and don’t just copy and paste the EXACT same comment onto other blog posts.

Social Bookmarking – Yes it can bring great traffic depending on which site you use but on a whole, it’s something you don’t need to get involved with yourself. The only way you can get real traffic from sites like Digg is to get power users to submit for you, they usually will find you, don’t both wasting time submitting yourself to all the different sites, 99.9% of the time I have done it, I have received no decent amount of traffic.

Mindset – It’s All In The Mind


Expecting Too Much, Too Soon – Progress doesn’t just happen overnight, like many people think it does. 800 People start an online business every day, and 90% of them will fail. You may have heard stories about overnight success, but that’s like one in a million. Be patient, and if you have the formula correct, success will grow.

Constantly checking stats – Although checking stats is vital and something I highly recommend, doing it more than once a day is too often. Concentration is really important in work and if you’re constantly looking at your stats, you won’t be focused!

Confronting People Who Wrong You – This is quite a big issue for me, I have had freelancers rip me off online (designers, programmers, hosts etc) and take my money and run! As a Blogger, your first thought may be to humiliate them or bad mouth them in a blog post. Please don’t bother. I believe in Karma and what goes around, comes around. Sure they may rip me off and cost me money, but really they will waste me even more money if I waste time thinking about it, getting upset about. These things happen in business – get over it. Of course this does not make it right that people do this and for you perhaps the right thing is to take action against these people – but my personal experience sadly has been that it wastes even more time (money). I am reminded of one developer who scammed me once — and I did mention it online, he even had the cheek about 18 months later to get his Lawyer to contact me and get the ‘offending post’ removed. The thing is that for all those Freelancers who ripped me off I have had many more Good Guys who have done a great job and went on to become good friends.

Taking things personally – Whatever you do with your blog, you will always have someone say something negative about you, don’t worry about it! Trust me, whenever we do our top lists, we always get people leaving negative comments saying why isn’t this person here, or why is he / she on here! Don’t take personal offense. If everyone was perfect and agreed with the same thing it would be so boring!

Having a big Ego – Although ego can be good, it doesn’t look good if you have one and you really don’t deserve it. It is good to know you are good, even the best, but be humble about it. If you really are good I believe people will know that — even without you having to point that out ;-)

Finally on Mindset, I am reminded of another quote that I read recently that is somewhat related: What You Focus On, Expands or put another way:

What You Focus On Is What You Get

For alternative inspiration, head over at my other website, WebDesignDev.com and check out this list with a Naughty Title 20 Ways To Make Your Website Crap!

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