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(Social Media) Trends to Watch in 2010 #socialmedia #trend

via ConverStations by Mike Sansone on 12/28/09

I’ve not done a predictions or trends post before, but I figure… “Why Not?”

  1. Personal or Individual iPhone apps: It’s already started and is going to get easier. This is the new blog or twitter, a self-publishing platform that can be quick to click-and-create. With RSS (not yet dead) pulling your content from elsewhere you already publish, your app is sure to stay fresh without much extra than you’re already doing.
  2. Location Based Services (LBS): Though originally designed as part gaming application, this is already being recognized as a ego-boost toy for social networking and as a marketing tool for B2C companies (large and small). My money was on Foursqare heading into the winter, but there may be a player yet launched who wins this space (or maybe SCVNGR?)
  3. Everyone’s on Video: Between Flips and iPhones (and other palm-sized video capturing devices) as a most popular Christmas gift, folks are a couple of clicks away from starting their own video channels. Don’t tell me this has already happened – maybe so in your inner-tech-circle, but 2010 will see folks like your mom producing mini-videos.
  4. The Lecture Goes Home: It’s been talked about, tried, and even successfully become part of some of the most revered Higher Education programs. The classroom will begin to be more learning lab than ever before in 2010 as homework moves into the classroom and the lecture gets sent home via audio or video.
  5. Books, eBooks, Magazines and White Papers Galore: With the ease-of-use and low-cost, DIY publishing will have a larger role in some of the “expert” bloggers — and I’m not talking about Social Media gurus – but more and more teachers, sales, lawyers, marketers, consultants, etc. will publish as a way to augment their income within (and outside of) the conversation space.
  6. Augemented Reality (AR): We’ve seen a bit of buzz around this topic, but I think AR will really start to get bigger because of the still explosive growth and changes we see in mobile devices. As of yet, lots of fun and cool experiments – but I can see big changes in how we view and interact with service-based industries like real estate and restaurants using AR.
  7. Is ‘Social Media’ Dead?: Not now, probably not ever. Many I talk with say they are tired of the term (the early adopters). Some cry out: “Social Media IS Media!” Look – It’s Social first and foremost (people) and it’s become multi-media. It’s not that everyone now has a voice, but that the reach of their voice is extended and amplified. And it’s not going away.  We’ll hear the cry “Social Media is Dead” more in 2010 (the trend), maybe even a few attempts at a new label (I always liked Conversational Media) — but it’s still Social Media to me (a parody of a Joel song?)

I Dunno. Let’s Find Out. Why Not?

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