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10 Ways a Teacher can Improve

via Future of Education by Toby Fischer on 1/20/10

1. Be humble—No matter how good of a teacher you are, realize you can improve.

2. Read—This seems obvious, but how many of us say, “I want to read more, but I don’t have the time.” 10-15 minutes a day can make a difference.

3. Observe—Look at those around you. What are they doing that is different than you? Is it effective? Why? Why not?

4. Listen to your students. Are they engaged? If they aren’t engaged there is a problem.

5. Talk to everyone. Turn every conversation into a learning experience.

6. Explore—There is more knowledge out there than we can ever acquire. Pick a subject and become a sponge in the sea of information

7. Take a chance—You never know till you try. Many of the best learning experiences are our failures.

8. Reflect—why was a lesson good or bad? What did the students learn? Was that the intended outcome?

9. Do more of what they are bad at. Students don’t do well with self-direction. How do they get better? By doing more activities that build a student’s self-directedness.

10. Your turn_________________ fill in the blank with your reply.

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