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Dear Roommate – Post #1

this is a collection of rants (inadvertently) address to my room mate


Dear Roommate,

Unless its a REALLY REALLY important, please do not call me while I am at home.

Its not that I am a snob, but not hearing your rants about your SAME old problem, is one of the reasons why I love going home for the weekend. I’m just tired of listening to you and  I have to sleep very late to hear your same problem, which cases my terrible migraine during the day.  Not hearing from you, is one of the h$ighlight of weekend.

I hope it is not too much to ask, I have lend my ear for many times and giving me the “space” while I am home.

I would like to have some sense of tranquility and be able to rest well during my “home” time. I sincerely hope you understand.

Thank you.

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